WWE Clash of the Wilds Slot Review


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WWE Clash of the Wilds Slot Review
November 5, 2022

WWE Clash of the Wilds Slot Review

By : Category : Online Casino

Do you love watching WWE (wrestling) games? WWE Clash of the Wilds will help you relish those memories as it is based on men and women smacking each other. The slot is the production of All41 Studios, which infuses entertaining voiceovers that will keep players glued to their screens. The All41 Studios, which has more than one wrestling slot, ensures great features. But there are some changes in the WWE Clash of the Wilds. Let’s have a look at it.

As the game begins, four wrestling stars, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Bianca Belair, and Charlotte Flair, are introduced. These wrestlers showcase their might in the squared ring in front of millions of people. However, the background imagery or the rest of the visuals isn’t very appealing. But the hip-hop soundtrack adds some life to the settings and brings players to the task.

Since this game is playable on any device, players can play anywhere at any time without challenges. The betting range starts from 20 p/c to 25 euros per spin, and the slot is highly volatile. This slot has 4 RTP models, and 96.13% is the highest setting. Moreover, its hit level is 31.13%, and to get regular wins, a player has to land matching symbols on adjacent reels from the left across any of the 40 paylines.

The pay symbols in this slot are in two categories, low and high pay. The low-pay symbols are the J-A card, while the high-pay symbols are Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, John Cena, and Roman Reigns (the wrestler).

Landing a five-of-a-kind winning line combination earns 1.25x the bet for the low-pay symbols. However, the same combo is worth 5x the bet for the premiums. The wild symbols are also crucial in this game as they can substitute for any symbol. Wild symbols are 10x the bet for a winning line of five-of-a-kind.

Quick Info

Title: WWE Clash of the Wilds

Developer: All41 Studios

Reels: 5

Paylines: 40

RTP: 96.13%|94.20%|92.23%|86.79%

Max win: 10,000X

Volatility: High

Min/max bet: 0.20/25

Release date: November,17,2022


One of the outstanding features of the WWE Clash of the Wilds slots is the stacked wilds. A reel with a stack of three wilds will earn different features depending on where it lands.

  • If a player lands a wild stack on the 1st reel, it will activate six free spins with wild blocks. This will make a wild block of size 2×2,3×3 or 4×4 land on every spin despite not being in full view.
  • Landing a wild stack on the 2nd reel is worth six free spins with wild multipliers. When this happens, 1 of the 2x wild multipliers will land per spin. Then the multiplier will be added to all the wins the given multiplier participated in. when a player hits the premium symbol with a gold frame, an additional free spin round will be added.
  • Landing a wild stack on 3rd reel will earn six free spins with nudging wilds. The good thing about this feature is the extra wild symbols on the reels. But hitting one wild will earn an extra free spin.
  • However, if a player lands a wild stack on the 4th reel will earn six free spins with sticky wilds. Hitting the wild symbols and they remain in place will end the feature. But an additional free spin will be rewarded to the player when a gold-framed premium symbol lands.

Free Spins with A Ladder Match

Another feature to watch out for is the free spins with the ladder match. To activate this feature, a player should land a stack of wilds on the reels on the right and earn three spins worth 1x the bet. On the other hand, landing gold-framed symbols will increase the prize level as they are collected first. The prize can be 5x, 15x, 100x, 500, 1000x,5000x, or 10,000x the bet depending on the level achieved.

However, when the level ends, the cumulative number of the golden symbol’s frames will reset as the spins reset to 3. Moreover, it will earn a booster point whenever five golden frame symbols collect. This, however, doesn’t happen in the 1st level. But after getting the booster point, it can result in a reward of 10 or more golden framed symbols, +3 additional spins, or a safe zone. Remember, the safe zone promotes the current jackpot to another or different jackpot level.

Buy Feature

Buying the WWE Clash of wilds features is equivalent to 5 options, namely;

  • It can result in free spins with wild blocks worth 35x the bet.
  • Or free spins with wild multipliers worth 35x the bet.
  • It can also be free spins with nudging wilds worth 35x the stake.
  • Free spins with sticky wilds for 40x the stake.
  • The fifth option is free spins with a ladder match worth 50x the stake.


The WWE Clash of the Wilds slots is an entertaining game full of actions a player should purpose to play. It is well organized with wonderful settings. It’s exciting to watch the superstars bring each other down, trying to win the coveted belt. The commentator’s desk will also keep you glued to the screen as they make laughable interesting remarks.

However, the visuals of this slot are not attractive, and the background images are also a bit off. But the features are inviting and worth a try. The wild stacks can trigger various features depending on the reel it lands on. Also, the buy option, which enables players to buy at an affordable price, is a plus. Additionally, the free spins have a higher maximum win prize of 10,000 the bet.

If you’re looking for a wrestling-themed slot, try the WWE Clash of the Wilds. Unlike the wrestling IRL, it’s entertaining as it rewards players handsomely. Watching the players fall and hit each other on the ring is also fulfilling.