Viktoria Berlin Vs VfL Bochum Betting Tips and Prediction

Viktoria Berlin Vs VfL Bochum Betting Tips and Prediction
July 29, 2022

Viktoria Berlin Vs VfL Bochum Betting Tips and Prediction

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VFL Bochum will visit FC Viktoria Berlin to begin their 2022–23 season.This tournament just begin powerfully on Friday and we are anticipating to see a lot of interesting matches

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 Viktoria Berlin Vs VfL Bochum Betting  odds

Team Bet365 Betway 1xbet
Viktoria Berlin 15.00 13.00 14.00
VFL Bochum 1.20 1.21 1.19

Viktoria Berlin Vs VFL Bochum Tips and Prediction

Due to the distinctive nature of the Pokal, the opening round of the competition frequently produces intriguing ties between higher and lesser opponents.

After winning the regional Berlin Cup the previous year, Viktoria Berlin, who compete in the Regionalliga Nordost, earned a spot in the Pokal.

They triumphed 2-1 over fellow Regionalliga Nordost team VSG Altglienicke in the final in May.

The Bundesliga team Bochum, who placed 13th in the previous season’s top division, will be paying them a visit as a prize for such an accomplishment.

Viktoria Berlin, a diminutive force in German football, is better known for their efforts to cricket, having popularized the game there.

Viktoria Berlin will be entirely focused on the Pokal this weekend because they have won the German men’s cricket title 21 times overall.

Bochum has never won the prestigious Pokal trophy despite playing in the top two German football leagues every season since 1971.

Bochum, which twice reached the finals will be aiming for a long tournament run this year, beginning with a victory over Viktoria Berlin of the fourth tier.

Given the gap between the two teams, it is not unexpected that Bochum and Viktoria Berlin have never met in a competitive match.


It is frequently easy to predict who will advance from the competition’s opening round due to the nature of the early Pokal rounds.

Bochum may be under pressure to perform, but this weekend’s match against Viktoria Berlin is predicted to be easily won by the Bundesliga squad.