Treasures of Kilauea slot Review


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Treasures of Kilauea slot Review
August 5, 2022

Treasures of Kilauea slot Review

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Modern slot machines don’t feature Hawaii enough, but PearFiction and Games Global (ex-Microgaming content) plan to alter that. They chose Treasures of Kilauea, a slot machine with a volcano theme. A good option for a slot machine theme is the volcano Kilauea, which is located on Hawaii’s Big Island.

With 40 paylines and 5×4 reels, Treasures of Kilauea offers both ways to win. The RTP range, which tops out at 96.35 percent, is complemented with strong volatility and Mega Jackpots worth 5,000 times the bet. The slot’s volcano symbols, lava or eruption spins, wilds, and free spins are significant aspects to mention.

Betting and Prizes

The wagers that you are permitted to place start at only $0.10 and can reach $50.

Treasures of Kilauea can payout a respectable sum, even up to 5,000 times the original wager, but that is to be expected from a slot machine that is also very erratic.

The RTP range offers lesser values as well, but the option for 96.35 percent is at the top, and I would advise playing the game just with that setting turned on.

Features of the Treasures of Kilauea slot

5 standard reels and an additional set of 3 reels that are positioned at the top of the middle three columns make up the game.

You do have access to wild symbols to aid you, but they only appear during the paid spins known as Eruption (all reels) and Lava Spins (lower reels). They also appear during the free spins, but on the bottom reels. Even better, but only during the paid spins, you can obtain a wild with a 2x multiplier.

When volcano symbols do arise, a lava frame is left in their wake. It remains there for ten spins, and on the final one, a wild is added there.

Every 10 rounds, Lava Spins start to count down until they are activated. At that point, the Lava Frames are transformed into wilds.

Every 50 spins, eruption spins begin to occur. In addition to the frames becoming wilds, more wilds have been added. To get a wild with a 2x multiplier, get two wilds in the same spot.

It goes without saying that you can access another feature through scatters for Free Spins. You can choose which one will start the game; the options range from 45 spins with 5 wilds to 15 spins with 10 wilds (for 5 scatters).

If the Idol appears in the centre of the top reel, the Jackpot Wheel is activated. It can reward up to 5,000 times.

Theme & Design

Although the Kilauea volcano sits in the background and is about to erupt, it has that tropical vibe that many are seeking. The list of symbols in this case consists of five Royals and five idols.


The visual appeal of Treasures of Kilauea is good, and there are plenty of unique aspects to keep players interested while they play. However, given that the volatility has also increased, the highest prize is not that high.