Treasure of Kilauea Slot Review

Treasures of Kilauea slot Review
August 6, 2022

Treasure of Kilauea Slot Review

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We have seen that Hawaii did not release too many slots of modern features. However, the Pearfictons and Games Global Tried their best to change something. They produced a Volcani theme slot machine. The name of this game is Kilauea. You can see a big island in Hawaii. There is an intelligent them with functional features in it.

There are 5 reels in the slot machine and 40 pay lines. If you do well in these options, you can win up to the 5,000x the jackpots. So, the worth of the game is too much. The detail of volatility and RTP value contains high volatility and 96.35% amount of RTP. Moreover, the Volcano symbol, Lave, Eruptions Spins, Wilds, and free spins are enough to handle tough times.

Betting and Prizes

The betting range has started from just 10 cents to $50. You can choose any one from these pairs. Conversely, the maximum amount you can earn is 5,000x the stake. However, it is not unusual game by know the market of games. Here is some more description of the features.

Everyone would like to see the value of RTP. Yes, it contains only 96.35% to amuse players with some decent settings.

Treasures of Kilauea Slot Features

The slot will start to play with 5 regular reels with the addition of 3 more reels. You can get the following three reels in the middle three columns. It is a significant change in this game.

After that, you will chase the wild symbol for help. These kinds of characters will show on Eruption and Lava spins. When you start on the paid copies for free spins, it will show on the lower reels. Do not forget to pick the 2x multipliers during the paid spins.

The volcano symbol will start to appear at this point. They will leave behind a lava frame. These will stay for 10 free spins. During the last spin, you can add wild in that position.

At the end of slot play, Lava Spin will trigger every 10 rounds. There will be a countdown to lead up to them. All the Lave frames will turn into wilds at that point. Gambling always creates some risk for users.

Theme & Design

The theme of the game is a tropical one. However, you will see a Kilauea volcano in the slot machine. Be ready to see an attractive background slot. There are five royals, idols and a complete list of symbols. Here are the final words about the slot machine. Some of the features did not add to this slot. It may decrease the publicity of the game.


The slot is good to play in these days. However, we failed to see a high pay rate and features. You can get some exciting options in the game. If you do well in the middle of the game, you can increase the number of jackpots. In the end. A good option for new gamblers.