Reapers Slot Review


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Reapers Slot Review
December 1, 2022

Reapers Slot Review

By : Category : Online Casino

In life, everyone has a dream with the hope of reaping something good at the end of the day. This could be the inspiration Print Studios used to create the Reapers slot. The studio didn’t go the usual way of producing the cookie-cutter slots. Instead, it brought a new experience to the table for the players.

The Reapers is a slot that requires patience to master and play better. It’s a slot with great videogame and slot machine features that are challenging to understand and comes with a tutorial that guides players. The sci-fi-themed slot is set in a world where the extraction facility has been taken by critters which require players to clear them out. Additionally, getting into the facility is never easy, which requires some tricks.

The soundtrack and graphics, plus the animations, are great. Moreover, the features, visuals, and gameplay are attractive and worth it. To play on this slot, a player requires a bet of 25 p/c to 50 euros per spin. But the feature buy can also enable players to access the game’s bonus round at any time. What makes players win in this slot is luck and patience.

The highly volatile slot has an RTP of 96.47%, but it can increase to 96.58% or 97.25% when buying guaranteed Reapers. The Reapers slot takes place on a grid with eight reels and eight symbols with active symbols and blocker tiles. To win when using the cluster pays, a player has to have five or more matching symbols on the vertical or adjacent reels. But if it’s less than four symbols, they are collected by the Reaper’s symbols.

The symbols on this slot are five non-terrestrial-looking tiles called the critters, which come in various colors. The low pays are worth 0.2 to 1x the bet for a five-of-a-kind, while the high pays are 25 to 500x the bet for 25+ of a kind. The Reapers slot doesn’t have wild symbols. But it has great features that cover for it.

Quick Info

Title: Reapers

Developer: Print studios

Reels: 8

Rows: 8

Paylines: cluster pays

Hit Freq: 25.02%

Free Spins Freq: 1 in 4,394,960

RTP: 96.47%|94.44%|88.44%

Max Win: 20,000X

Volatility: High (5/5)

Min/Max Bet: 0.25/50

Release Date: December 13, 2022


The first thing any player needs to know is that the features of this slot can be challenging to understand. Unlocking 15 barriers enable players to get to the bonus round. The barriers have stages with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 barriers. Every barrier has a game grid. When a barrier shuts down, the play progresses to the next barrier level. This goes on until a player gets a bonus round.

Let’s discuss all these in detail below.


Hitting the winning cluster makes the reaper icon of the same type appear next to it. Then the symbol clusters and matching symbols near the reaper change into energy cells. After that, they are collected, and the pay is given to the player.


Whenever five energy cells are collected, the reaper gets one charge. The charge’s main work is to shut a barrier down. The more the game advances, the higher the number of charges required to shut down a barrier.

Special Abilities

In this slot, every reaper has a special ability that activates if the power core symbols are collected. The power core symbols are collected if they are adjacent to a reaper.

The special abilities include:

Energizer- makes all the Reapers create one energy cell. This happens once per symbol grid.

  • Linker- links Reapers to allow them to collect from one another.
  • Transformer- changes purple symbols into a different type of symbol.
  • Expander- collects symbols in a 4×4 space.
  • Multiplier- multiplies its collected wins by up to x10. But the multiplier value randomly selects at the start of each symbol grid.

Bonus Game

When a player manages to shut down all barriers, it enables them to get the bonus round. The advantage of the bonus round is it had five levels, each with 75 symbol grids. After enough energy cells are collected on a level, players can proceed to the next level. For every level 1 critter is removed.

However, at the begging of a level, a 4×4 juggernaut reaper moves through a tunnel with the symbol grids. Five or more clusters are collected and paid for then a meter shows the number of energy cells collected in the process. Reaching the specified number of energy cells enables players to move to the next level. To get to levels 2, 3, 4, or 5, a player has to have 430, 520, 590, or 790 collected energy cells, respectively.

Buy Feature

The buy feature enables players to enjoy the bonus round. In the Reapers slot, players can buy 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 guaranteed Reapers for 3, 4x, 18.4x, 50x, 130x, or 425x the bet, respectively.


The Reapers is a unique slot every player should sample. Its features and theme differ from the other slots, requiring attentiveness. Players need to understand all the features to win in this slot, have patience, and have a clear mindset, unlike the other slot that relies only on luck.

Those who love this slot and understand all the tricks can win a maximum of 20,000x the bet. The most satisfying thing when playing this slot is doing it alone without the help of guaranteed Reapers that takes you to the final stage after the challenging video game.

Most players of this slot attest that the developer was undecided about whether to make an online slot or a video game. Ultimately, they blended the two to give players a different experience from the other slots. However, every player has to be ready for the uphill task when playing this slot and pay more for the guaranteed reaper symbols. Note that opting for the most expensive option doesn’t give a direct entry to the bonus round.

The bonus round on this slot has a frequency of 1 in 2,605 spins. So, a player can win the base game and knock off the barriers. But when getting close to the bonus round, things fall apart. The average bonus win is 449.38x the bet, which is higher and can help Reapers bring back the piling coins in the physical arcade game. But in this slot, this feature requires one to be lucky and not skilled to get rewarded.

Reapers is not a slot everyone is comfortable playing as it’s different from the rest. The features and high stands show the impressive creative level of the developer. This requires smart players to take their time and engage their minds to get the desired results. However, all this happens after understanding how the features of this slot work.