Hillbilly Vegas Casino Slot Review

Hillbilly Vegas Casino Slot Review
July 30, 2022

Hillbilly Vegas Casino Slot Review

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Hillbilly Vegas is a different slot machine compared to other gambling slot machines. You will get a lot of opportunities in this slot machine. Moreover, it is a significant source of inspiration. Do not forget to see the different settings of the game. Most of the features have been seen in real life of a person. Reflex Gambling designed the beautiful slot in the name of Hillibily Vegas. Yggdrasil is also contributed to the making.

 There are 5 reels in the slot machine and 10 pay lines for users. You can cover the entire area of the game by using these functions. If you succeed in the game, you can win up to 10,000x the jackpots. We are sorry to tell you about the lower amount of RTP. It is only 95.50%. However, chicken wilds, chip symbols, bonus wheels and free spins are enough to use here.

 Betting and Prizes

Betting pairs and payouts are significant elements in attracting users to gambling. It started from only 20 cents to $100. You can place a bet by living in this combination. On the next side, after setting all the features, you can win up to $100,0000. It is a heavy amount of jackpots nowadays.

 In the long run, you can increase the amount of RTP from 95.50% to 96%.

Hillbilly Vegas Slot Features

The slot of Hillbily is unusual looking from the front image. At the start of the features, chicken wilds will create attention for you through the graphics. Otherwise, you can get some attention from wild symbols or replace the regular symbols with each other.

 When you use the paid spins, you will get the Chip symbol to fall on the reels. If you succeed in getting 5 of the same characters at the same time, you have to spin the Bonus Wheel once. The slot will add those chips to the Wheel. To get green dollars, do not forget to reset the available postins. Here are some rewards attached to different kinds of paid spins.

 The Big Win Chips will pay you from 100x to 100,000x the stake.

The Free spin chips will also increase by 30 rounds.

All the Bonus Chips will create access to one of the bonus games. Skeeter Slot, Moonshine and Nice Dice are slots.

The presence of green chips will pay you 20x the stake.

Theme & Design

 The theme of the game consisted of fun. We have seen that the hillbilly form changed into gambling destinations. If we see the barn hosts, you will see blackjack and poker on the reels. Moreover, get the symbols of card suits, dogs, pigs and farmers in the theme.


There is a lot of fun in the slot machine for gamblers. Features and graphics played an excellent role in getting more enjoyment. Undoubtedly, all the payouts and another given amount of volatility and RTP are lower attractive. But you still have a chance to play it.