Dueling Jokers Dream Drop Slot Review


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Dueling Jokers Dream Drop Slot Review
October 20, 2022

Dueling Jokers Dream Drop Slot Review

By : Category : Online Casino

Dueling Jokers Dream Drop slot game has undergone various developments, which has seen the studio bring in Four Leaf Gaming. The thrilling game, which comprises beautiful play sounds and a theme, enables players to spend more time relaxing after a long day. It also provides a chance to win the mega jackpot, which is every player’s wish. This game has enticing features which see the players meet their expectations.

The game, which enables players to play on an eight-by-eight grid, is full of actions and enjoyable. What’s unique about this slot game is its cluster paying, meaning for a player to win, they have to get five or more identical symbols to win the game.

When you hit these symbols, the win will lead to the cascade feature, which creates empty spaces after eliminating the win symbols that come from up and going down. Even though it resembles the Aped meets Jammin Jars, it’s more unique with the fun on another level.

You can play this game on your laptop, phone, or tablet, where it will earn you a stake of 20p/c to 20 euros per spin. If you want to win the jackpot, it’s best to make a higher bet. However, unlike the others, the highly volatile game has a lower RTP because of the complex jackpot network it’s part of. You can make a 94% return in a normal game. But when playing with the Nitro spins enabled, the returns will reduce to 93.7%-93.64%.

You will love paying through thesix6 lit pay symbols, which will enlighten your moods. The regular pay symbols include sevens, clovers, lemons, diamonds, horseshoes, and cherries. A player who hits a 5-symbol cluster will earn between 0.1 and 0.6 in the bet. But this can increase to 3-10 times the bet after hitting 15 and more collections.

Another outstanding feature of this game is the fortune coins a player earns after landing. It enables you to reduce the amount of the buying features or to purchase the buy features. However, a collection of the cluster can lead to the super spinner.

Dueling Jokers Dream Drop Quick Info

Title: Dueling jokers dream drop

Developer: DrDropdrop

Reels: 8

Rows: 8

Paylines: 6

RTP: 94%/93.7%/93.64%

Max win: 3-10X the bet

Min/max bet: 20 p/c to 20 euros per spin

Volatility: High

Slot Features

If you want to win this game, you have to understand its features. The features that make it unique include; the following

Wild Joker

The wild joker will enable you to substitute any symbol with a free spin symbol. Using it for the winning cluster will go to any space around before reaching the nearby cascade. It will also help you increase the multiplier by +1 if its part of the win. But when two or more jokers are close to one another, they can duel, resulting in a boost for the multipliers.

Joker Meter

Adding the joker meter increases the number of wild jokers in a grid. To get a joker meter, a player has to fill the winning cluster. You can use a joker during a regular spin in certain instances. For example, after the first, fourth, and seventh winning clusters. However, when the nitro spins are active, it will enable a player to add the jokers after the first, third, and sixth winning clusters.

Free Spins

You will enjoy using free spins after getting 3 scatter symbols equivalent to 6reelss. To get the free spins, you must havethree3 joker wilds in different positions, with each having a starting multiplier of at least X1.

Every winning cluster that fills part of the joker meter will earn a cascade feature but cannot be reset. However, you will earn two free spins after reaching the tenth, the twentieth, or thirtieth winning cluster. You can also buy free spins with 600 coins.

Bonus booster: The bonus booster allows you to play with free spins and get 1,2 or 3 free spins. If you bet with more spins, higher your chances of winning. The good thing about it is you can bet more than once. However, the number of free spins is fixed at 25. But if you win more than 23 bonus boosters, they get collected.

Fortune maker: If you are lucky, the free spins can trigger a fortune marker after reaching a set level. This allows you to select how much you’d wish to bet. After that, you can drop the ball, and if it falls in the winning ring, your winning chances will increase, making you go up the prize ladder.

Note that out of the 16 rings, four are for losers, while 12 are for winners. The money that is not played will be collected while getting a losing ring will automatically land you in the base game without a prize. However, pressing collect while playing will stop the feature at the given prize level.

Bonus repay: You will get a bonus replay after betting a specified amount in a free spin. This feature enables you to place a bet with the free spin winning that activates the bonus replay. Then you can use the winning spins for another round of free spins without the other winnings affecting it. But if you lose the reels, you will land at the base game.

Dream Drop Jackpot

To win the jackpot spin, you should trigger it before the regular spin. 4 Dream Drop Joker symbols will trigger the dream drop bonus. When you land the dream, drop a bonus check if there are five jackpot zones on the grid. The five jackpot zones stand for different jackpots. The zones include mini, rapid, mega, and major.

What’s unique about the dream drop jackpot is when the four jokers skip around until they get into one of the jackpot zones. If any of the jokers reaches the jackpot zone, it fills one segment, and another joker replaces it in the grid. The good thing is that the first jackpot zone to have all four segments filled results in different awards. The prize value for each jackpot zone includes rapid=1 euro, mini=5 euros, major=100 euros, mega=500,000 euros.

Super Spinner

The super spinner gets activated after coins are collected. This can result in cash prizes of 80-5000, 8-14 free spins, or 10X-25X fortune makers. You can also be lucky to get 10-25 nitro spins. You can buy a super spin with 500 coins.

Nitro Spins

This feature will allow you to fill the joker meter with a smaller number of clusters. It also increases the free spins caster while the number of times of coins collection gets grows. Nitro spins will also help you get a super spinner and up 50% more of your stake. It’s also capable of getting you four coins for every nitro spin.


According to our review of the Dueling Jokers Dream Drop, this is one of the best slot games you will love playing as it’s got better features. It’s thrilling to play, and you will be engaged much more after letting go of the trigger. The slot’s visuals and theme are also a thing to keep you entertained on the screen while playing, as they are beautiful and unique, creating a neon wonderland in real life. Your chances of winning a jackpot are also high, and you’ll have many more prizes.

Like the other games from the same developer, the Dueling Jokers Dream Drop ensures players utilize the added features. You will also have the privilege to collect golden coins after playing long term, reducing the cost of buying features.

Apart from the jackpot features, this game also has other rewarding features like multipliers that increase your rewards. Your biggest win can be up to 50,000 times, while the ‘Max Single Win’ stat is 45,362 times the bet you make. This makes the game one with the highest-paying non-jackpot feature on the Dream Drop network.

It’s advisable to play this game by dream drop after a long day and make a big win. This engaging game is good and worth your time and money.