Dragon Blitz Slot Review


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Dragon Blitz Slot Review
December 5, 2021

Dragon Blitz Slot Review

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Greentube has made the Dragon Blitz available to its users. It is equipped with all of the features and functionalities required for the Asian market. That is why Asian motifs have been included to the slot. Knowing the minimum area of the game in the slot does not make us happy. The majority of the features and functions are of a lower type.

RTP & Reels

The slot machine has five reels and three lines to cover. It displayed the game’s tiniest area. However, if you perform well during the game, you may be able to expand the number of methods to 20. Only about 95% of the RTP is available. However, you can improve the value by selecting packed symbols, features wilds, scatter free spins, and other options.

Betting range and payout

This slot usually contains all of the information, and you must match the symbols from right to left to produce pairs. At the end, there were some decent awards. No one can stop you from winning the ultimate jackpot if you do well in the game. The betting stakes range from 20 cents to $200. It demonstrated that in order to receive more, you must pay more. It is something that the creators must consider.

Dragon Blitz Slot’s Features

Symbols and basic slot elements have been used to create an Asian theme. It would be beneficial if you were able to see the royal cards symbols that will show on the screen. They’re linked to the ninth and tenth symbols. Knives are used to represent certain symbols. It’s fun to view the golden dragon, treasure, Chesters, and other unique symbols.

After the wild symbols have been replaced, you must match them to the ordinary symbols on the reels. These pairs will assist you in putting together the combinations. The wild dragon’s symbols for creating more cannot be ignored. Be ready to pick the pretty sweet jackpots when you land the 8 wild symbols on the reels.


The game’s theme depicted Asians’ appearance. As a result, Dragon Blitz’s design is far superior to previous versions. We are unable to provide any counter-arguments to the excellent topic. Don’t forget to spin the reels till you reach the middle of the theme. It demonstrated how to check the setting using spins and respins. After you’ve played it, you’ll gain extra experience. This game’s mobile and tablet results are fantastic.


We are pleased with the attractiveness of this slot machine. Because of its role, it causes issues for users. The lack of reels and lines is the primary reason for leaving it to others. The existence of visual scatters, wilds, free spins, a wild dragon, and other distinctive bonuses, on the other hand, can attract attention.