Club de Foot Montreal vs. Inter Miami CF Betting Review

Club de Foot Montreal vs. Inter Miami CF Betting Review
July 11, 2022

Club de Foot Montreal vs. Inter Miami CF Betting Review

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Both teams remained undefeated in the same number of games. It showed that there is not a big difference between the performance of teams. According to past results, Inter Miami is a better side of the day. The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head-to-head, squads, predictions, and goals in US Major Soccer League.

Latest performance

Club de Foot Montreal played six games and won 3 matches. They also failed in 3 games.

On the other side, Inter Miami CF also participated in six games and won three contests. The same side failed in 2 matches, and one battle did not take any side.

Head to Head

These two teams faced each other in August 2022. Match played in US Major Soccer League 2021. Inter Miami remained undefeated by 2-1 goals.

Results in the last six games

Club De Montreal : W,W,W,L,L,L

Inter Miami CF : W,W,W,L,L,D

Club de Montreal failed in more games of US Major Soccer League 2022. So, we can predict some expected results from this outcome. You may compare teams with any data.

Betting Odds and tips

Inter Miami took part in 9 US Major Soccer League games and won the only match. Miami also loosed in 7 games. At the same time, Montreal trashed the other teams in 5 matches. So, these odds and tips can help you in betting. Betting is also not allowed for those under 18 people.


According to the latest predictions, Club de Montreal picked 46% chances to win the game. Conversely, Inter Miami also gained 26% chances to carry the day.

Goals in US Major Soccer League

In the US Major Soccer League, Club de Montreal played 9 games and won 5 times. They failed in 4 matches. The entire side scored 17 goals and conceded 14 also. Romell was the best player with 7 goals from its side.

On the other side, Inter Miami also participated in 9 matches and won a single game. It was a significant difference between the two teams. They failed in 9 games and won 3 rounds but did not provide any result.

Campana scored 8 goals from its side.

Red and Yellow cards

Joel from Club de Foot conceded 6 yellow cards and 0 red cards. On the other side, George also faced 7 yellow cards and one red card. It is also a massive difference between the two teams. Inter Miami needs to improve here also.

Final Words

It is clear from facts and figures that Club De Montreal showed better results in the last games. So, it is not an easy task to beat them in this game. The performance of Inter Miami remained bad in US Major Soccer League. No one was expecting this kind of performance from Inter Miami. No doubt, Inter Miami did well in head to head game, but time changed also. So, Club de Montreal has a strong record for winning this match.