Atlanta United FC vs Seattle Sounders FC Betting Review

Atlanta United FC vs Seattle Sounders FC Betting Review
July 9, 2022

Atlanta United FC vs Seattle Sounders FC Betting Review

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The match is scheduled to play on 8th August 2022. Both teams will face each other under the US Major Soccer League title. There is a complete difference between the performance of teams. Atlanta has to improve its points in this game. Let’s see what will happen in this most crucial game.

Latest performance

If we see the results of the last six games, then Atana played six games and remained undefeated in only one match. The same side failed in three rounds, and 2 games ended without any result.

On the other side, Seattle Sounders FC also participated in six games to win 4 times. It was a tremendous effort by this team. The same side failed in one game, and the other ended without a result.

Head to Head

Both teams faced each other for 1 year. In US Major Soccer League, 2021, these teams failed to win the game. The match closed with a draw result. So, we cannot predict any effect from this source.


According to the latest predictions, Atlanta United FC conceded a 41% chance of winning the game. On the other side, Seattle Sounders FC also gained a 30% chance to win. Moreover, the opportunity to draw games is only 28%. In the predictions, Atlanta United is looking better than the contender team.

Goals in US Major Soccer League

In the US Major Soccer League, Atlanta United played 8 games and won 4 times. They scored 17 goals and conceded 10 also. Josef was the best scorer with 6 goals. It showed a decent outcome in the US Major Soccer League.

On the other side, Seattle Sounder FC also battled 8 times to win 3 matches. They failed one time, and 3 games did not create any result.

The entire side scored 9 goals versus the opposition and conceded 10 also. Jordan was an intelligent player with 5 goals. You may get some predictions from this source of the game. Here are the legal result of teams to compare.

Results in the last six games

Atlanta United FC : W,L,L,L,D,D

Seattle Souder FC : W,W,W,W,L,D

There is a vast difference in the performance of teams. You can differentiate a better team from it. Atlanta just remained undefeated in one match from six. On the other hand, Seattle Sounders failed in the only game in the last 6 contests.

Players with red and yellow cards

Miles from Atlanta FC conceded 3 yellow cards and one red card. On the other side, Alex from Seattle Sounder also faced 4 yellow cards and one red.

Final Words

All the above information is enough to pick the expected winner of the day. Accordion to our predictions and experience, Seattle Sounders will easily win this game. You can make your predictions also. Betting always demands risk from users. We made these predictions after comparing the official data of teams and players. It is your right to change your opinion at any time.